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How to Sell More Rx Glasses to Patients

Saying you want to increase your optical sales is one thing, but actually doing it takes a dedicated game plan. You need to know how to approach potential buyers while making certain your optical staff are all on the same page.

There are a lot of ways to step up your sales game and create that plan, but not all of them work for optical customers. That’s because, unlike your average window shopper Amazon consumer, your patients prefer to buy frames and lenses when the timing is right—for instance, when they’ve had the same pair of glasses for years or are looking to use an updated prescription. Timing is key. Glasses also tend to be a higher price point purchase, and they want to get it right.

For these reasons, your team needs to have a plan to get more optical sales.

Create a Plan With These 5 Tips to Sell More Rx Glasses

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together a list of the 5 top tips your optical team can start using right now to increase optical sales and prescription glasses conversions.

1. Practice the Conversation

At the heart of any sale is a solid pitch that respects a prospect’s boundaries while also enticing them about the product in question. The face-to-face conversation leading up to a patient buying Rx glasses needs to be warm and purposeful.

A team member who has good knowledge of the optical industry can earn a buyer’s trust through the advice they share. Familiarity with frames, lenses, materials, components, and more will position your practice as the brand to buy from. Steering the conversation naturally toward your selection in a helpful and friendly manner could make the difference between a sale or a pass.

Conversational skills don’t come easily to everyone, but they can always be learned. Create a selling plan with scripts and try encouraging your optical staff to use them as starting points to encourage a dynamic discussion with patients. You could even offer training resources to ensure your team is up-to-speed with all things related to the optical industry so they can answer questions and maintain patient trust.

2. Tidy Up Your Displays

Have you taken a look at your displays lately? Are the newest frames and promos front and center? Optics matter to buyers. If a patient doesn't like the aesthetic presentation of your eyewear, they might move on to find a more attractive option.

In fact, patients can tell a lot about your optical services simply by how much time and effort you devote to your displays. For brick-and-mortar locations, these selections practically represent your business– so don't neglect them.

There are several aspects you should consider for your displays: lighting, layout, and case design. Take a step back, imagine you’re a customer, and try to judge which inventory selections stick out the most with the arrangement you’ve created. Maybe more lighting would be a good idea, or rearranging the eyewear by brand would draw more attention.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to also make sure your displays are neat, clean, and organized. Routinely wipe everything down, including the lenses, so patients will be impressed by the professional look and more excited to buy Rx glasses from you.

3. Implement eCommerce

These days, retail optical sales will only get you so far. If you want to really succeed and get a big leg up on your conversions, you’ll need to establish your practice online with eCommerce services.

The problem is, transitioning your inventory to a digital storefront involves countless moving parts that all need consideration. You’ll need to decide on the look of your eCommerce store, the platform you use, how you handle in-store pickups, what features you’ll provide for visitors, and more. Admittedly, this process isn’t always easy when you’re already running a business and seeing patients.

As opticians ourselves, we designed Optify to tackle these issues head-on. The Optify platform sets up your practice with everything needed to succeed online without sacrificing a moment of your busy schedule. By synchronizing with your EHR, Optify also automatically markets to patients when they’re most likely to purchase new frames, boosting your in-office sales along with digital sales.

If you haven’t jumped into the eCommerce race yet, book at 15-minute demo with us to see how easy and efficient it can be.

4. Lean into Your Promos

Everyone likes a good deal. So why keep your promotional frames and services a secret?

Promos can be created for numerous purposes. You can encourage first-time buyers to commit to a purchase with a unique discount on select frames, or even set up multi-purchase savings (think buy one, get one half off) for family members buying their frames at the same time. Holiday promotions work well to bring in prospects who have spending money on hand.

Got frames that will be discontinued soon? Marking them at a reduced cost can help you clear way for new inventory while securing as much of your profits as possible (and making your frames more affordable for patients).

With enough creativity, promos can demonstrate how well you know the needs of your audience, further earning their trust and securing more sales down the line.

5. Work as a Team

The optical business isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes the market is unpredictable; other times you just get plain unlucky and a patient takes their prescription somewhere else despite your efforts.

The last thing your staff should do is face the problems that come their way alone, without any aid. Some optical workers are better with customer interactions, while others shine when lenses need to be measured or screws need to be tightened. Chances are no single person in your optical department will be able to run everything by themselves.

Foster an optical experience where internal teamwork is encouraged at every stage of the buyer’s journey. The best sales are made when everyone does their part to ensure customers are served efficiently and happily.

And if you opt for an omnichannel marketing approach, fluid teamwork is all but necessary between all of your departments. Give patients a seamless optical experience that’s consistently tailored to their needs, and you’ll earn their business for life.

Learn More About Optify

Optify is the industry's #1 omnichannel eCommerce solution and optical selling sidekick. We'll help you boost your practices ROI and support your optical staff to sell more Rx eyewear year-round.


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