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The Virtual Assistant for Opticians

In managing your optical, you're likely grappling with time-consuming appointments, inefficiencies, and missed sales opportunities. These issues can lead to staff burnout and hinder patient satisfaction. Optify is a virtual assistant to help practices tackle these challenges head-on, enhancing your practice’s efficiency and boosting eyewear sales.

Enhance Your Practice's Efficiency

With Optify, your opticians concentrate on delivering high-quality patient care and driving eyewear sales.

Save Time with Pre-Visit Engagement:

Optify invites patients to browse and pre-select frames from home, shaving an average of 15 minutes off each appointment.

Turn Browsers into Buyers:

Thanks to the pre-shopping experience, patients are in the mindset to shop when they walk into your clinic.

Empower Opticians

Pre-shopped selections eliminate the need for awkward icebreakers. Your opticians can immediately engage in meaningful consultations based on a patient's own preferences.

Cultivate Loyalty Beyond the Exam

Automated reminders and personalized interactions keep your inventory top-of-mind, encouraging patients to revisit and complete purchases. This approach enhances patient engagement and boosts retention.

  • Worry-free Walkouts: Automated reminders keep your inventory in their minds, gently encouraging them to revisit their choices and complete their purchase.

  • Patient Engagement: Optify keeps the conversation going, ensuring every visit is an opportunity for discovery and purchase.

  • Loyalty and Retention: With personalized interactions and a seamless shopping experience, patients have more reasons to purchase.

A Recognized Leader in Optical Solutions

We are thrilled that Optify has been honored in the Vision Monday and 20/20 Magazine's EyeVote Reader's Choice Awards for 2023, selected as the Best Virtual/Omnichannel Sales Tool. This recognition, voted by optical retailers and ECP readers, underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation in the optical industry.

Enhance Your Optical Retail With Efficiency and Innovation

In summary, Optify is an invaluable asset for modern optical practices, addressing the core challenges of time management, patient engagement, and sales optimization. By empowering opticians to focus on high-quality care and personalizing the shopping experience for patients, Optify streamlines operations and elevates the overall patient experience. The pre-visit engagement, efficient consultation, and post-visit follow-ups are integral in transforming browsers into loyal buyers.

Ready to enhance your optical practice with Optify? Don't miss this opportunity to streamline operations, improve patient satisfaction, and boost sales. Book a demo to learn more and start your journey toward a more efficient and profitable optical practice today.


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