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5 Reasons eCommerce is Essential for Your Optical Practice

Would you agree one of the top three revenue sources for your practice is your optical department? In-store shopping is great, but providing an eCommerce option as well is even better. With eCommerce you'll turn patients into loyal eyewear shoppers and never have to compete with other eyewear sellers again.

Roughly 75% of all consumers admit that they shop and make purchasing decision both in-store and online; neither is exclusive to the other. However, eCommerce has shown remarkable growth and is on the rise.

So let's dig in deeper. Here are 5 reasons why eCommerce is essential for optical practices today.

1. Patient Customization Is Today’s Top Concern

Modern shoppers don’t just want to buy from your optical selection. They also want to stay in the loop with your future promotions, become a part of your optical brand’s community, lead their own buying decisions, follow your practice on social media, and get customized offerings at their convenience. eCommerce makes all of this possible.

Your patients are looking for highly personalized experiences that make them feel involved in the buying journey. As both a retailer and an eyecare practice, your office is perfectly positioned to utilize patient data to deliver the customization they seek.

2. eCommerce Enables New Methods of Outreach

It's likely that one of your most recent purchases was made online. Modern consumers want quick access to the products they purchase. With buying options available on sites where most patients are spending a lot of time already, like their personal email, Instagram, and Facebook, an eCommerce extension of your practice makes more sense now than ever because patients can be reached .

In-store shopping alternatives have also become a staple across industries – including optical. Features such as in-store pickup, home delivery, and same-day shipping options are becoming increasingly important to the customer buying decision in terms of convenience.

Believe it or not, your optical selection is already perfectly suited to support the modern shopping experiences your customers want– and expect.

3. eCommerce is Data-Driven

Big online eyewear sellers might have entered the online eCommerce space with bold marketing, but you have the data to drive and maintain sales. This is information those other big eyewear sellers don't have – but definitely wish they did.

The king of data collection these days is first-party data that is fully consented by the user. This is the data you already have from patients, including things like when their next appointment is, when their last appointment was, and what kinds of eyewear they are interested in. Use this data to help your patients and provide them with the shopping experiences they want.

eCommerce is steadily favoring tight-knit networks of first-party data fostered through loyalty programs and small business platforms that push meaningful content that consumers want to engage with. Consumer preferences and regulations surrounding the privacy of data has shifted the focus of marketers to channels that are founded solely upon information that their consumers willfully share in exchange for better brand experiences.

With the right tools, you have a big advantage above not just big-name optical brands, but above most retail brands in any industry.

4. eCommerce Helps You Stay Competitive and Relevant

New trends, platforms, and channels will continue emerging online. That means any business that hopes to remain a successful retailer must continually develop new targeted strategies that consider the latest consumer preferences and behaviors.

The fast-paced nature of eCommerce often provides a great incentive for businesses to stay competitive and relevant and helps prevent any aspect of your practice from falling into legacy territory. The relationship between brick-and-mortar and digital shopping is a dynamic component of the omnichannel strategy.

5. The eCommerce Market is Easier to Tap Into Than You Might Think

If your practice has yet to commit to getting online and competing with big-name eyewear retailers, you’ll be grateful to know that it’s much easier than you think.

You just need the right strategies and, ultimately, the right tools.

Instead of purchasing convoluted system overhauls and hiring an entirely new team to manage your website, emails, marketing, data management, digital store, customer service and more, all you need to do is book a 15-minute demo with Optify and let our experts show you the ropes.

Our software integrates with your already existing website and EHR. Better yet, onboarding is easy. The goal is to save your time and boost your revenue. Optify was created by an optician specifically for ODs and private practice owners to get on a level playing field with online eyewear sellers.

Modernize Your Practice With Optify

eCommerce and all of the moving parts can seem intimidating, but your optical store has no need to be afraid with Optify by your side. Learn more about how Optify can turbo-charge your practice’s online offerings today so you can achieve the eCommerce success you’ve always dreamed of.


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