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How Optical eCommerce Will Help Your Cold Start Thrive

Akrinos President, CVO Erich Mattei and Optify Director of Growth and Marketing, Jenn Denham discuss the importance of implementing a turnkey optical eCommerce solution for your cold start to succeed.

An Easy Optical eCommerce Solution For Your Cold Start

The essentials:

  1. Patients want a particular buying experience these days, and that's online. Options to shop before, after, and between their eye exams are going to not only give the patient the experience they are looking for, but boost sales and save your staff time as well.

  2. Eyewear sales keep your business going. eCommerce allows you to increase your capture rate and engage patients more easily for multi-pair sales and avoid losing would be sales to walkout situations.

  3. There is a turnkey solution that allows you to have all of this with little effort on your part. Meet Optify – the industry's #1 optical selling tool.

You can also book a demo with the Optify Team to learn more about how our solution will benefit your cold start practice and how fast and easy it is to get started.


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