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The Value of Tech for Your Practice

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

If you think like us, you probably know that technology is a driving factor in customer buying decisions these days…especially when it comes to something as personal as frames. People want ease of access—they want customizable purchasing options that are sophisticated enough for their needs while fitting in their phone screens.

Consider this: technology provides patients with informed buying decisions. Technology gives customers more control. Technology streamlines products and services. Technology increases accessibility. Technology improves customer satisfaction. The list goes on and on.

Technology provides value to your practice. But how can you take advantage of that when you’re too busy handling paper charts and faxing prescriptions—as you’ve been doing for years?

Believe it or not, cutting-edge technology isn’t as exclusive to the big buyouts as you’d think. You see, accessibility brought on by newfangled tech isn’t just aimed at making your patients’ experiences better. It’s there to make your life easier, too.

At Optify, we keep up with industry trends for you while taking care of your brand revamp. Our optical sites feature the kinds of capabilities your customers have come to expect in 2021, including pre-selection frame options, an intuitive virtual store, an easy-to-navigate digital shop, and even automatic follow-ups after your patients walk out the door with their prescriptions. With an increased capture rate that also saves your optical staff an average of 15 minutes per patient, technology opens the doors to countless new possibilities for your practice.

Best of all? You can forget the worry of being left behind with aging legacy technology and keep your focus on your patients. Meanwhile, our experts will push your business to new heights with truly valuable technology.

Book a demo with us today and see how upgrading your brand can catapult your optical success!


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