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eComm & Your Patient's Buying Journey

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

When do your patients begin their optical buying journey? Hint: it isn’t after their exam. In fact, it’s not even when they first walk through your doors.

A quick look at the big competitors on the block says it all: the majority of optical customers jump on a search engine to see their options before grabbing the car keys. Warby Parker even demonstrates that 75% of its customers browse their selections online before buying in-store. Meanwhile, Luxottica’s e-commerce rose a staggering 47% in 2021 alone.

Overall, 44% of your patients use the internet to research eyewear. The kicker? Only 1% of ECPs have the decent tech to participate in the digital race to begin with. When patients are able to visualize the perfect pair of frames from the comfort of their home, they’re clicking “Add to Cart” before your optical inventory even crosses their minds.

The good news is your patients would rather be buying from you! After all, no one understands their eye care needs as much as your practice. For most patients, however, the power of pre-shop is too good to resist. That’s why you need to get your wares online sooner rather than later.

But pre-shop isn’t just beneficial for your patients—your opticians will save an average of 15 minutes per patient with pre-selected frames. Your capture rate increases, your staff are happier, and patients receive the optical services they crave. Win-win-win.

Optify is here to do all the pre-shop onboarding for you, combined with a sleek website, powerful tools such as automated follow-ups to ensure your patients’ attention is centered on your inventory when they leave your office, and more. Your practice’s digital presence is waiting

Book a 15-minute demo with us today and see the power of pre-shop for yourself!


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