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How to Keep Your Patients Buying Eyewear From You This Holiday Season

This holiday season your patients are already checking out new eyewear online – often through other online eyewear sellers. So how can you redirect their attention and keep them buying from you?

56% of consumers across the US planned to do their holiday shopping entirely online in 2021—a fact that is supported by a national eCommerce revenue increase of 18%. It's safe to assume that the same goes for this year.

Keep Your Patients Engaged Online

At the end of the day, optical practices aren’t always the first place that comes to mind for people to do their seasonal shopping. Patients are more likely to head online to the sellers who are consistently marketing to them already, where they know they can receive a faster, cheaper, and customized experience.

The technology is available to your practice, but most providers understandably don’t have the staff time to study the ins and outs of eCommerce, find a website platform, design a digital store, and implement all the cutting-edge features that online eyewear sellers already utilize.

The good news is, your practice can offer the same thing and keep patients engaged the same way other online eyewear sellers do. How?

The Online Selling Tool For The Optical Industry

Optify provides an easy integration with your practice's website and EHR to bring your eyewear online and implement routine customized marketing to your patients.

As the industry's #1 selling tool, Optify will empower you provide patients with pre-shop options before exams, reengage walkouts after exams, and encourage multi-pair sales with tailored suggestions to fit their lifestyle.

Give your patients the holiday shopping experience they want this year. Book a 15-minute demo with us today to get started. You can also check out what other practices are already saying about using Optify in their practice.


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