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Future-Proof Your Practice

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

For the longest time, optometrists have enjoyed running a community-driven practice without a fear of competition. After all, you might be the only brick-and-mortar around—what could possibly go wrong?

Then one day you notice a big optical store setting up shop down the block. It’s got a bigger budget, a bigger brand reputation, and a bigger ego. Before you know it, your loyal customers are swayed away from your walls. Your profits take a hit.

If you haven’t experienced this scenario with your own practice yet, it might not be long. Big corporate optical companies are expanding like wildfires across the nation, popping up seemingly overnight and offering premium services you hadn’t even thought of. Suddenly your small-town practice is endangered…and if you don’t do anything to future-proof your business now, you might be too late.

The good news? Setting up a sleek optical website with e-commerce, pre-selection frame options, and email marketing is easier than ever. Better yet, automatic follow-ups with your patients can help retain them under your own business umbrella. With a solid digital storefront to provide convenience and investment for your customers, you just might postpone the opti-pocalypse.

With Optify, you gain access to all of the cutting-edge virtual solutions the big guys use without the associated ophthalmic migraine that comes with juggling it all.

Practices nationwide are saving 10-15 minutes per patient and increased optical capture rates by 15%—and as if those numbers weren’t enough, did we mention many of the processes are automated?

We take care of it all and keep you up-to-speed so you can stay as committed to your community as you’ve always been. Taking your business to new digital heights can now be done without breaking your stride or your budget.

It’s time to take action before the mega-opticals of the world take your profits!

Book a demo with us today to bolster your practice against the markets of tomorrow.


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