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Customer Experience for Optical E-Commerce

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

We can all agree technology is the one of the biggest influences to drive customer buying decisions in recent years. Ease of access and personalized business experiences do what flyers and logos are no longer able to do: they provide customers with agency, placing buyers at the helm and making them feel proud about their spending.

But business owners tend to miss something: as technology progresses and evolves, so too does customer expectations. After all, we live in a world where your clientele can order prescription frames just as easily as getting a pizza delivered to their door. Why should your clinic stay trapped in the days of paper forms and in-office browsing when your patients can find other options faster and cheaper from bigger brands? Your customers expect new solutions to old problems. The optical retailers who adapt to technology trends can stay on top while other businesses are pushed underneath.

Innovation doesn’t come easily, of course. Digital trends rest on a shifting landscape that’s quick to transform if you aren’t paying attention. For small optical stores especially, it might be impossible to keep up with the industry experts and marketing gurus who lead the big brands to success.

That’s why our team at Optify has done the heavy lifting for you by creating an all-in-one digital experience that secures more optical sales than ever before. With a sleek look and professional e-commerce interfaces, you can easily exceed customer expectations while your profit margin goes up at the same time. Win-win.

Ready to establish a pain-free optical solution for your patients with automatic follow-ups, a professional web store, and pre-selection frame options?

Book a demo with us today to meet the needs of the modern customer!


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