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The Power of PreShop in 2022

Are you utilizing the power of pre-shop to hit the gas on your optical profits?

Giving your patients the ability to customize their frame selections before they step into your practice is a powerful advantage. Buyers develop a sense of ownership after they’ve used streamlined digital tools via your online store to tailor a pair of glasses to their liking, making them more inclined to stick with their decisions. The power of pre-shop is in the mindset shift from "I am here for my new prescription. " to "I am excited to try on the frames I already selected for my new prescription."

The cherry on top? The average order value of a customer pre-shopping increases by 5% during the first 6 months of using Optify. That’s 5% more profit for your business in addition to a 10-15% higher capture rate!

But the benefits don’t stop with your patients—your opticians can become more efficient (and less stressed) when patients arrive with their price point, colors, materials, and preferences already decided. Knowing a buyer’s exact selection beforehand gives your staff an edge over the workload, eliminating substantial room for time-eating errors and costly mistakes. The starting point for your opticians is already deep into the buying cycle, and most save 10-15 minutes per patient with Optify.

With these new pre-shop systems in place, you might be wondering about maintenance. How many more team members will you need to hire to keep your digital storefront afloat? Answer: zero.

Optify designed a professional omni-channel e-commerce platform that connects to EHRs and your current website that includes all of the customer tools the big names use…without any additional work on your (or your team’s) part. We take care of the inventory management, on-boarding, automated patient marketing, and more for a smooth integration with your practice. The entire process is simple so you can manage the day-to-day business like you always have, knowing you have a powerful online patient experience to back it up.

It's time to get your inventory online! Schedule a 15-minute demo with our team.


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