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Optical E-Commerce: Kid's Glasses

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Are you providing parents with an easy way to buy kids glasses online? Or are they jumping ship to the big-name brands with powerful online presences?

Many millennials are now parents. As the first generation to grow up with the boon of the internet, they’re well aware of how easy and inexpensive it can be to grab a glasses prescription for their kids from you, turn down a tour of your optical shop, and head home to shop online for the polycarbonate frames which makes both them and their little ones happy. Following the pandemic, the move to online classes in grade school and up has only increased the number of myopia cases in children, too—kids are reaching for their glasses more now than ever.

It's no secret that most moms and dads already have their hands full managing daycare, grocery shopping, and other doctor appointments for their kids. You can bet they’ll cut corners wherever they can to free up their time…even at a greater cost. The ability to make quick choices through a web browser are just too convenient to pass up.

So why not help them out by giving them the digital experience they’re looking for? If your optical shop isn’t online already, you could be missing out on opportunities for both your patients and your profits.

Optify gets you on track by creating a professional online store to showcase your frames while offering modern e-commerce experiences for buyers. With the ability to pre-select frames, effortlessly plug in their kids’ prescriptions, and make online purchases confidence, parents will have no trouble sticking with your offerings…and you’ll have no problem keeping them coming back.

Schedule a 15-minute demo with us today and get a jump on the year-end glasses shoppers!


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