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Skyrocket Optical Sales With Optify Empowered Opticians

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Heavy workload for your optical department? You’re not alone—countless employers across the nation are struggling to meet their business demands with a smaller staff count.

The proof is in the pudding…or in this case, the double cheeseburger. Even the fast-food king McDonald’s has started offering $500 bonuses to draw in more workers. With more reasons than ever to avoid working anywhere but from home, the employee shortage is becoming a thorn in every business’s side.

Modernize Your Business to Protect Your Staff's Time

Hiring is time-consuming and costly. You throw out some ads, sift through piles of resumes, and arrange a handful of interviews, praying you find a good fit that won’t quit after a week. Turnover in optical is high, meaning those rates and benefits need to be competitive.

Then there’s the time and resources required to train your new hires. This puts your business in a lull where the current staff members—who are already buried in work—need to juggle in some teaching moments. Skillsets suffer as a result, leading to recruits who are unprepared for their responsibilities and are more likely to quit out of discomfort. That means lost time and lost revenue for your practice; you’re back at square one.

It’s all a hassle. Everyone knows it. That’s why there’s only one solution: to modernize your business and secure precious time for your optical staff.

Use the Data You Already Have to Increase Sales

When Joe gets his new prescription, you’re the first one who knows he’s in the market for new glasses. If he doesn’t commit to your frames before leaving the building, he’s going to look elsewhere online. With a cutting-edge optical website, frame pre-selection, and automatic follow-ups, you’ll be his first choice.

Imagine saving 10-15 minutes per patient and increasing your capture rate by 15% at the same time. For an average doctor seeing 20 patients a day, that’s an extra 3 hours at least—no extra staff required. It’s more real than you think.

Optify Will Save Staff Time and Increase Sales

Sound like a lot of work? Optify will handle it all.

Keep the focus on your patients while we create a tried-and-true digital experience tailored specifically for your optical outlet.

It’s time to step up your profits!

Book a demo with us today to see our gap-closing process for yourself.


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