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Practices Thrive with Optical E-Commerce

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

We all love to support our local communities, from mom-and-pop ice cream shops to souvenir stores and family-owned diners. Customers are loyal, which is why they love your neighborhood-friendly optical clinic so much.

But as technology pushes the world around us to constantly change and evolve in unexpected ways, patients start to expect their healthcare experiences to transform too.

Unfortunately, as popular as you and your optical staff might be in town, patients and customers are being given more options every day to take advantage of online. Without keeping up with the trends, you might find your loyal patients are opting for easier, more affordable solutions on the digital front. In fact, the e-commerce sales numbers are expected to increase by roughly 8% in the next two years.

You get left behind, and your patients are forced to support big businesses who won’t even look past the dollar signs at their name.

Imagine how happy your customers would be if they could access your own frame selections and services through an online portal that makes shopping just as hassle-free as through the industry giants. Pre-selection options, customizable browsing, flexible payment options, a sleek virtual storefront, and automatic follow-ups are key to an innovative e-commerce solution. And your patients want that for your brand.

Optify is here to help you give your patients the optical experiences they deserve. We meet you where you are and establish a professional online presence for your brand with all the features and quality-of-life services modern users have come to appreciate. Capture rates go up while you spend less time worrying about the business aspect of your clinic.

Be there for your patients and make it easier for them to support your business in these difficult times. Book a demo with us today to get started.


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