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4 New Technology Solutions that Modernize Your Optical

Looking for ways to offer a more modern optical experience for your in-store eyewear shoppers?

It might be time to get your hands on some new optical tech hitting the market.

Upgrading your brick-and-mortar optical with innovative technology that people aren’t likely to find elsewhere can really step up your in-house sales. Today’s consumers are looking for convenience and are no stranger to tech solutions providing a dose of accessibility, so demonstrating that your practice is in the same game can build trust and result in long-term loyalty.

Tracking down the new optical tech investments that are worth your time isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve compiled this quick list of the 4 best products your opticians can take advantage of today for better services, better impressions, and better conversion rates in your optical store.

New Optical Tech Solutions For Your Practice

1. Eye Designs Smart Mirror

Buying the perfect set of frames and lenses isn’t an easy decision for most patients to make. There are a lot of factors to consider: design, color, tinting, brand, and cost– just to name a few.

This only gives your opticians more responsibility when it comes to guiding the patient through the entire process, eating up their valuable time with each customer.

Thankfully, Smart Mirror by Eye Designs has stepped in to give customers the tools and information they need to come to a buying decision all on their own while in your store. The app—which is run via an iPad—allows patients to take photos of themselves with different frames and compare them side-by-side to see their options at a glance. Buyers are even able to email their photos to friends, family, or their own accounts to feel more confident about committing to a purchase.

Smart Mirror also provides shoppers with a detailed summary of everything they try on. At the touch of a button, users can request information about lens coatings, refractive errors, multifocals, and more.

The entire setup is run out of an attractive display kiosk designed specifically to host the Smart Mirror inside of your practice. It checks the boxes for being both functional and sleek, making Smart Mirror a great addition to your modernizing practice.

2. Optify

Need a completely standalone solution to connect your in-store inventory to an effective eCommerce shop? Optify is every optician’s sidekick.

Optify brings your brick-and-mortar optical inventory online in an elegant digital storefront that comes packaged with virtual try-on, pre-selection, in-store pickup options, and complete glasses customization—all the tools consumers are already looking for from an optical retailer. Your practice can stay true to its brand while having all of its inventory automatically managed. Plus, because patients can personalize and browse to their hearts’ content before they even walk through your front doors, your opticians have much less work to deal with, saving 15 minutes per patient on average and improving the in-store flow of customers.

Optify also links directly to your EHR to bring your practice’s marketing game to the next level. Follow-ups and promos are automatically sent whenever a patient reaches a favorable stage in their buying journey (such as when they have a comprehensive exam coming up). This allows for better timing in your outreach and increases capture rate by roughly 15%.

A plug-in solution for optical eCommerce has never been this powerful. Book a 15-minute demo and see how you can take advantage of Optify’s turnkey eCommerce solution for your practice.

3. Eyenetra Portable Lensometer and Autorefractor

Let’s be honest: lensometers and autorefractors aren’t always straightforward to use. All that time spent training opticians on their use and fumbling with dials could be better utilized elsewhere.

The people at Eyenetra must have felt same these pain points, seeing as they created an effective Portable Lensometer and Autorefractor bundle.

These gadgets are controlled by an included smartphone and provide fast functionality with minimal guesswork involved. The lensometer device gives accurate lens measurements and readings via the phone’s camera, while the autorefractor allows the phone to nestle into a special VR headset for operation.

The portability of these tools means your opticians can quickly carry them around the office and help buyers on the spot when necessary, rather than disappearing into another room to check lenses. Your staff can build better trust with patients, serve them more quickly, and strike up valuable conversations that could lead to sales—all thanks to these powerful, portable measurement solutions.

4. Magnasonic Eyeglass Cleaner

How often do patients stroll up to your optical workers just to request a quick lens cleaning?

If you’re like most optical stores, you probably see it happen every day.

Why not provide the best lens cleaning possible and set up your offerings as the best on the block?

Instead of using old microfiber cloths and lens sprays to get the job done, you might consider investing in a premium lens cleaning machine. Magnasonic’s Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner is perfectly suited for optical use and uses ultrasonic wave cavitation to dislodge dirt and grime with nothing but tap water. The device comes with a special casket that lets you insert and remove glasses without fishing for them in the water and getting your fingers wet.

The sound waves are harmless and physically crush dirt without the threat of breaking anything inside the reservoir—much safer and more effective than rubbing lenses with a cloth. The display is simple and easy to use too, making it an affordable investment to help your free cleaning services impress your patients every time.

Modernize Your Practice Today

Ready to modernize? We can help. Omnichannel eCommerce is the best place to start. Turn your patients into loyal eyewear shoppers.


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