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3 Ways To Encourage Patients To Use FSA and HSA Benefits At Your Practice

It’s that time of year again when patients with HSA and FSA accounts need to put leftover funds to good use.

Eyewear is a popular and practical flex spending option at the end of the year. Online eyewear sellers know this, and they are contacting your patients daily right now with emails about utilizing flex spending on their products.

So, how do you keep your patients buying from you and not them?

3 Things You Can Do Now To Encourage Patients To Buy From You

You are your patient’s eye care professional, so buying from you ensures they are following your recommendations for frames and lenses. Here are some suggestions on how you can remind patients that buying eyewear from your practice is the best way to utilize their FSA and HSA benefits at the end of the year.

Automated Email Marketing

It’s a great time to send out emails and SMS messages to all of your patients reminding them to come in for an appointment or invest in a second pair of glasses. Include a reminder in the email that FSA and HSA can be used for eye exams and eyewear.

In-Office Reminders

Include reminders in-office that FSA and HSA accounts can be used for eye exams, eyewear, and accessories. Simple signs at the front desk, in the optical try-on area, and even on the front door to your practice can serve as a great reminder for patients who have already booked their end-of-year exams.

Encourage That Extra Pair Of Glasses

FSA and HSA accounts are a great way for patients to invest in a back up pair of glasses, blue light blocking glasses, or sunglasses. An extra pair is a great way to mix up their daily look too or have a pair on hand specifically for that sport or outdoor activity they love. Train your optical team to mention FSA and HSA when discussing second pair options with patients to remind them that insurance and direct out-of-pocket purchases aren’t the only ways to go about meeting their optical needs.

Above all else, engaging your patients regularly through email and text, and having an online inventory for them to browse on any device, at the time of their choosing are the best ways to keep your patients buying from you.

Optify connects with your website and EHR to bring your eyewear online, making it easy for patients to see your inventory anytime and anywhere. Automated email and SMS marketing are built into Optify’s platform as well so you can easily keep your patients engaged and buying from your practice.


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