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3 Ways You'll Get ROI With Optify

Taking your optical selection online boasts profitable wins for you and your patients. But before you take the plunge, it’s important you consider your options and calculate the ROI involved.

For a successful eCommerce launch, your inventory will need a sleek digital store with all the bells and whistles modern shoppers expect to see (or else they’ll just shop somewhere else). You’ll also need to devote staff time to manage your practice’s digital offerings while utilizing EHR information to follow up with patients at the right time.

It’s a lot of work to arrange on your own. There’s no telling if you’ll get your money’s worth on the investments you make along the way, either. Not to worry: Optify bundles all of the tools your practice needs into one package, backed by 10 times the ROI…or more.

Let’s break down three of the biggest ways Optify ensures a huge ROI for your practice.

1. Increased Capture Rate

By utilizing a tactical and seamless marketing approach, Optify stands to increase your capture rate by 15% without any added hassle or management.

A large part of your eCommerce success will boil down to your capture rate, or how many of your patients choose to buy from you. Instead of letting patients leave your office to shop elsewhere after an appointment, you’ll want to send them promotions and reminders at the right times to capture their business.

Unless you have someone willing to devote countless hours each day to comb through the data of thousands of patients and send out promotions with perfect timing, this process is much easier said than done.

That’s why Optify pulls information directly from your EHR to email patients when they hit specific marketable milestones and are proven to be more receptive to your wares. If a patient has their yearly comprehensive exam coming up, for example, Optify will automatically notify them about your selection and offerings. Because they’ll already be in a buying mood, the chances they choose to do business with you are much higher (especially when your Optify website totes the same pre-selection and virtual try-on features as the big players).

It’s all about the timing, which is why Optify’s process is entirely automated, freeing up your hands to focus other important aspects of your office.

2. Staff Time Saved

On average, Optify saves your optical staff a whopping 15 minutes per patient. For most practices that see roughly 20 patients, that’s a total of 5 hours saved every day.

Let’s face it: your optical team already has their hands full with countless tasks and to-dos. If you want to fully take advantage of creating an eCommerce optical experience, you’ll need someone who has the time to learn and manage all of the new systems you introduce. But hiring more staff just for this purpose certainly doesn’t provide good ROI, especially when the software is difficult to master or limited in its capabilities.

What if your eCommerce platform not only required zero micromanaging, but also ended up saving your staff time instead?

Because patients can use Optify’s features to fully customize their frames and lenses before arriving in your office, a large portion of your team’s work is already done—they no longer need to “sell” the patient. The patient is already sold!

3. Create Loyal Buyers

If you impress patients with Optify’s professional offerings, you can convert them and their families to buy directly from you for the long haul. The ROI here is priceless.

Most doctors would say the value of patient loyalty is important for their practice. Along those same lines, the value of buyer loyalty is vital for your optical department’s success.

Increasing your conversions with a smooth user experience that represents your brand well will not only garner new business, but retain it for many years to come as well.

That’s why simply placing your selection online in an unattractive, unintuitive digital storefront is a recipe for disaster; your patients want to buy from you, but with so many options out there, it’s not unusual for them to go with whoever meets their needs and expectations the best.

You’re their eye doctor; you can be the one exceeding their eyewear expectations.

Our Optify team knows what it takes for private practices to leverage their patient relationships and excel online in the eyewear market. We’ve included everything your optical selection needs to stay competitive, relevant, and functional for users and prospects alike.

Get Your ROI Estimate Today

Want to see just how much ROI Optify has to offer for your private practice? Check out our special ROI calculator and see how much you stand to gain.


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